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AGC, Inc. loader finished building a campground
Montana gravel road built by AGC, Inc.
Example of AGC, Inc. quality landscaping
Boat access alongside Montana lake
AGC, Inc. dump truck
AGC, Inc. employee finalizing a storm drain

Storm Utilities

On this job, we had to remove the original 4” pipe that was installed incorrectly and not grouted into the catch basin. This caused water to leak and in turn collapsed part of the roadway. We installed a new 6” pipe and properly grouted the pipe to the catch basin using hydraulic concrete.

The original pipe had been improperly compacted with large rocks around the pipe. If large rocks are not removed before the compaction process, the pipe can be damaged as well as create voids around it.

  • This picture shows the original 4” pipe was too small and installed completely flat.
  • In this picture, the original joints were not glued, and the pipe was facing the wrong direction for water flow.
  • The end of the new 6” pipe bell is uphill with a 2% fall to the next basin.  Notice how much further below the gas line the new pipe is now in contrast to the original pipe in the previous picture.
  • The original 4” pipe installed in the catch basin had not been grouted in.  The ground is saturated from water going around the pipe.
  • The new pipe we installed was properly grouted both inside and outside the catch basin.
  • This picture was taken after a heavy rainstorm from the night before which shows the water to be draining appropriately towards  the drain storm.  All grade was engineered by AGC, Inc.
  • Here, the final grade work is being completed prior to paving.