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AGC, Inc. loader finished building a campground
Montana gravel road built by AGC, Inc.
Example of AGC, Inc. quality landscaping
Boat access alongside Montana lake
AGC, Inc. dump truck
AGC, Inc. employee finalizing a storm drain

About AGC, Inc.

Aaron Guymon is the founder and president of AGC, Inc. He started his company from nothing more than a vision coupled with hard work. Aaron has worked in the excavation industry for over 20 years. His many years of working for various companies has provided him the opportunity to learn and master the many different facets of excavation.

Aaron started his excavation career in 1990 when he enrolled in the Montana Operating Engineers (MOE), Associated General Contractors, Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program. Upon completion of the program, Aaron was asked to return the following year as an instructor for the program as his talent for proficiently operating a wide spectrum of heavy equipment as well as his grade checking skills became apparent early on to the MOE administrators. Aaron was an instructor with MOE for six seasons during their spring program. Throughout his time with MOE, Aaron was involved in the construction of trails (Helena National Forest), a kids’ sportsplex, the Carroll College football field, and Canyon Ferry roads, fishing access and campgrounds.

Aaron worked for 17 years with various construction companies in Montana, Idaho and Washington. He held a wide variety of positions including supervisor, grade engineer, grade checker, foreman, and operating engineer (of all types of equipment). During that time, he was involved in numerous projects including the construction of airport runways, interstate highways, secondary roads, Forest Service roads, golf courses, railroad sidings, building sites, parking lots, Superfunded (Haz-Mat) jobs, campgrounds (RV parks), fishing access sites (boat ramps), bike paths, reclamation, irrigation canals, sewer lagoons, and utilities (water lines, sewer lines, storm drains, culverts and electric lines).

Aaron started his own excavation company in 2005 having accrued a wealth of knowledge and experience during his many years of working in the excavation industry in such a diverse capacity. Aaron’s unique hands-on style with all of AGC’s jobs is what guarantees the finished product to be of the highest standards both aesthetically and structurally. Simply put, it is Aaron’s integrity, vast experience, innate skill and determination for excellence that sets AGC, Inc. apart from others.