AGC, Inc. Your Grade Experts

AGC, Inc. loader finished building a campground
Montana gravel road built by AGC, Inc.
Example of AGC, Inc. quality landscaping
Boat access alongside Montana lake
AGC, Inc. dump truck
AGC, Inc. employee finalizing a storm drain

Commercial Sitework

AGC, Inc. was the subcontractor on these projects. Most commercial jobs are surveyed by a licensed surveyor. After that, we do complete controlling including our own offsets and hubbing. Accurate grade work, proper compaction with optimum moisture and density, and installing the proper lifts of aggregate to grade is instrumental in producing solid results that will last for years.

  • This site started out as an empty field. We did all excavation work on the building, parking lot and utilities. This picture was taken five years after we completed the job.
  • This is an example of our grade work showing the asphalt tie-in with the new sidewalk at the ADA requirement of a less than 2% cross slope. Note the paving joints are not visible.
  • We utilized the dozer for the ditch drainage and shaping of the slopes.
  • We designed and built this project. The old building was removed and a new building was put in place after the sitework was finished.
  • Here you can see our grade engineering with curb cut-out and curb grades. On the right hub line is the valley drainage for our paving contractor to follow. We are adjusting valve boxes and curb stops.
  • Here we are beginning to pave. All subgrade, gravel, curb and gutter were grade engineered by our company.