AGC, Inc. Your Grade Experts

AGC, Inc. loader finished building a campground
Montana gravel road built by AGC, Inc.
Example of AGC, Inc. quality landscaping
Boat access alongside Montana lake
AGC, Inc. dump truck
AGC, Inc. employee finalizing a storm drain


These pictures are of Swan Lake and Seeley Lake Campgrounds. AGC, Inc. was the general contractor on these projects. We performed all the grade engineering and grade control.

Swan Lake existing asphalt was pulverized, graveled, re-graded and paved with emphasis to removing low spots that ponds water. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) improvements on the roads, parking lots and trails were implemented. Swan Lake Campground is the largest campground in Western Montana that is currently paved.

Thirty-two camping spurs and parking areas at Seeley Lake Campground were rebuilt and paved. We also removed and replaced over 300 concrete bollards using our hydraulic auger.

  • This picture of Swan Lake Campground shows our grade control and tie-in to existing Hwy 83.
  • We are finishing shoulder work in this picture. We installed new speed bumps and a new gate.
  • This is the road leading down to the boat ramp and dock. Shoulder work and landscape work is finished. We installed barrier rocks and seeded.
  • The existing asphalt on all trails was removed, graveled and re-graded. A trail paver was used.
  • This photo depicts shoulder work, paving joints, striping, parking blocks and grade.
  • This shows  the two host sites at Seeley Lake Campground which were both grade engineered, graveled, paved and shouldered up. Notice the joint tie-in to our overlay on the main line of the road.
  • This picture shows a double camping spur with some of the concrete bollards that we replaced. We had only the brooming left to do before this spur was completely done.